Barefoot School Shoes Revisited: Vivobarefoot Review 2015/16

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It is that time of year again when people come to me asking about school shoes. As many people know after reading other Vivobarefoot Reviews; Vivobarefoot barefoot school shoes have been our choice for school shoes since 2014 and they continue to be our choice. I think it makes a statement that we continue to wear these shoes. I’ve got loads of options open to me but I have complete faith in this brand.Vivobarefoot-Kids-Review

Last year I decided to pick up the Neo Leather which is your typical school shoe look as well as the Neo Velcro in one of the sports colour versions too. This is the exact same shoe as DS7 wears in leather but perfect for sports day. I like it that DS7 doesn’t have to feel like his shoes are odd or anything different to anyone else’s. These are beautiful high quality, well made shoes and the price tag is around $89.95-99.95 which to be honest doesn’t seem much different to what other people are paying for their standard [often uncomfortable, rigid, thick, restrictive and heavy-soled shoes].

We love the Vivobarefoot Neo leather and Hi-Vis for our son and this year we will also choose the Vivobarefoot Pally and Pink Neo Velcro for our daughter. Both offer the same puncture resistant, thin, flexible and yet durable multi-terrain sole to encourage a full range of movement for strong and healthy development and visually tick all the boxes too.

Vivobarefoot Kids Barefoot School Shoes

Our School Shoes 2016: From Top Left Pally, Neo Hi-Vis, Neo Pink, Neo Leather.

The thing is that most other families still buy multiple pairs of shoes each year and this is our third year now of starting with one pair, fully expecting that like the other 2 years before us we will still have usable pair of shoes at Christmas. People that know my son know that he climbs, runs, plays sport just as hard as the other children in his group.

Take a look at some pics of the evidence straight up! You can see that they are well worn BUT they still had plenty of grip; the leather version he wears daily where sports is just once a week – and clearly the leather sole is at the end of it’s run. But they got us there! The outer fabric, velcro, inserts etc – all top notch with plenty of wear left.

Vivobarefoot School Shoes Used

DS7’s Leather and Neo Velcro Vivobarefoot School Shoes in Review: END OF 2015 PICS

“A strong and natural foot is the foundation of healthy movement and a child’s foot is soft and malleable and not fully formed until late teenage years. That’s why we design and produce a range of flat, wide and flexible shoes for children.Freedom for the feet, the right amount of sensory feedback, along with adequate protection ensures a child’s foot can grow as nature intended.” – Team Vivobarefoot

I even have a little video to share with you 🙂 Not new information for us here really, but perhaps something new for you and it is nice to see the shoe in 360 degree motion. Vivobarefoot have set up a full TV Channel over at Youtube so pop over and check out the vision. Be sure to check out clips for both the Pally and the Neo Velcro.

To answer a few popular questions – I do buy online and I have used the downloaded printable Vivobarefoot School Shoes chart each time for fitting and been safe. It’s very cool as you can pop a credit card on the print out when you are done to make sure that the sizing is correct. The only issue we have ever had is sole lifting away at the toe. We had this glued at the local shoe store in around August/September and put it down to tree climbing. This cost us around $4 😛

You can now also find a Vivobarefoot stockist using the search on the Vivobarefoot site if you want to see these kicks in person. I know that locally in our town Geelong The Happy Shoe Shop can help you with the Vivobarefoot brand 🙂 which is very exciting and also helps me to help others who have noticed DS7’s fresh gear and want to take a look or try it on.

Wishing you and your little ones all the best for the start of the new school year in a few weeks time. Don’t forget our post on first day of school photo ideas to help you out there too!


Pippa Buxton Director at Little Earth Nest Eco Store


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2 Responses to Barefoot School Shoes Revisited: Vivobarefoot Review 2015/16

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    Jane August 2, 2016 at 7:04 am #

    Hi Pippa, great review. Tell me, what will you do when his foot is too big for kids Vivobarefoot sizing? My son is 7 years old and only in grade 2 at school and is already a youth size US 4.5 in shoes – Vivobarefoot only go up to size 34 (US 3) in kids sizing and their adult sizes are way too big for him. Its disappointing that they’ve only made a school shoe for the junior primary years – what about the other 10 years kids will spend at school. Anyway, I’m keen to hear from anyone who has found a solution.

    • Pippa Buxton
      Pippa Buxton August 2, 2016 at 8:39 am #

      Thanks for your message Jane. I have had the same problem, and also needed laced barefoot school shoes for my daughter’s school also as they wouldn’t allow velcro. For the bigger sizing and also for laces, we bought these shoes from South Africa – sure postage was insane but in the end, the shoes cost similar to standard school shoes here and they met our needs a lot more easily 🙂 I bought a few sizes to make the most of the postage. Their customer service was wonderful and I can recommend them. We are convinced that the sole is also a Vivobarefoot solution, its almost identical.

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