Back on deck after a blogger hiatus

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It has sure been a while and despite the quiet front on our blog page, the cogs are moving nicely in the background of our real world. Particularly the past few weeks have been extremely eventful for us at  with the launch of our new extremely functional webstore and the addition of a few new products. Most notably the addition of Klean Kanteen stocks, with our all-time favourite stainless steel sippy cup and of course the full range of their products for the whole family. Keep your eyes out for a blog post dedicated to Klean Kanteen in the near future.

We are also very excited to be adding a selection of certified organic beeswax candles to our range, made in Australia as a small scale production and available soon to our customers. We burn beeswax candles for their delightful and subtle natural scent and fantastic ability to absorb odours without releasing harmful chemicals or pesticides. Organic beeswax is a most pure option and we believe that the qualities of this clean type of candle  make them an ideal choice for parents and family spaces. We buy meridia online cheap are confident you will love them as much as we do.

The creative hub has been somewhat quiet as I have been hiding away growing our family. Things have finally settled to a point where creativity can be given due pride of place in our home again. I have enjoyed a relaxing and productive long weekend, visiting and staying with family, enjoying quality time with my darlings, and sewing some special custom garments for a winter take on aBUXTONbaby favourite garment! You can check for pics on facebook page sometime soon. Can’t say how much I love being at the machine creating. In winter it feels particularly special, machine humming and toastie warm inside while looking out at a frosted paddock.

P.S. Are you a Geelong and region local who would like to share your high quality craft on a more broad scale? Please contact us as we are very interested in having more local product on offer.

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