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Sweet Dreams: Help Your Baby and You to Sleep Better


Just like us, babies are individuals –and this goes for sleep requirements too. It may help (or not, if you are suffering from sleep deprivation) to realise that in most infant sleep studies, ‘all night’ is defined as five hours. If you are thinking that even five hours uninterrupted sleep would be a dream come […]

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Attachment Parenting and Your Child


  Attachment parenting or ‘AP’ as it’s often referred to by more devout proponents, is a label that can arouse strong emotions and create  divisions among mothers. For some, it conjures up visions of latter day hippies with bare bottomed babies strapped to their bodies  around the clock and seems too ‘out there’ to contemplate. […]

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Positive Parenting: Settling Limits for Toddlers

Gentle Parenting

Toddlers learn the limits by testing them. It is normal for toddlers to assert their developing independence by saying no or ‘escaping’. This doesn’t mean you will thwart their development by setting limits. In fact, now is the time to gently lay the foundations of discipline. Keep expectations realistic. Toddlers don’t understand concepts like hurry, […]

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