Top 12 Great Things To Do on Hot Days

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Loving this heat and sunshine of late! Thought you might like to be inspired by my list of things to do on hot days. I love to harness the heat and be productive and refreshing with it. This definitely helps to appreciate and welcome the blessing of sunlight. I don’t beat the heat: I embrace it and harness it! Working together is so much more fulfilling than a struggle 🙂Things-to-do-with-hot-days


1. Flush your body and keep hydrated: water and add some coconut water which contains many electrolytes and high levels of potassium

2. Wash bed linen; think blankets, sheets, pillows

3. Wash that thick winter jacket that usually takes an age to dry

4. Wash your nappy bucket and pop it in full sun for an hour or so – the natural disinfectant of sunlight will give an awesome clean to any lurking bugs

5. Wash your cloth nappies to get them some good old UV goodness; but beware – cloth nappy elastic doesn’t do well from sun drenching, so pop them out for a little bit in the shade and then back in again as soon as they are dry: the natural bleaching power of the sun will do its job on a very hot day in a quick few minutes of sun if you really want the bleaching effect

6. Wash your car; if you have an upholstery cleaner, wash your floor mats too and let them dry – this can be a first to do of the day so that you don’t get exhausted with the heat and exertion combo

7. Make Zoku icypoles – of course!

8. Grab some shade and get going with all the outdoor water play you have so wanted to enjoy when it wasn’t warm enough

9. Bring out your mattresses into full sun to give them a natural UV cleaning

9. Get to the beach!

10. Wash the dog 🙂 They will dry quickly and be happy for the cool off

11. Clean your windows – though another early job before the heat is too restrictive

12. One for those who just don’t like the weather; or if it all gets too much – head to the movies!

I do hope that you are and your family have stayed well in Summer weather. Be aware, look after yourself and enjoy..


Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store






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